Alliance Sports Reps is a full-service sports management company dedicated to putting the athlete's career and needs first. Founded and run by Daniel Liguori, Alliance has the expertise to handle everything from fight and contract negotiations, sponsorship and endorsement contracts, athlete branding, social media exposure and exit strategies from MMA. We take a hands-on approach in handling our athletes' careers both in and out of the cage.

Dan Liguori began getting involved in the local MMA scene in his hometown of New Jersey during the early days of MMA. He started working exclusively with his brother, and New Jersey stand out, Chris Liguori. As New Jersey's MMA scene grew, so did Dan's love for the sport. In time, Dan began taking on larger roles in local MMA by representing local talent and securing sponsorship deals for not only his fighters but also small local shows. Learning the ins and outs of MMA management from the ground up, Dan took every opportunity, no matter how small, to improve himself and his fighters. He built his network by forming relationships with some of the MMA's top sponsors and organizations. Dan always strives for business relationships that span the career of his fighters. He prides himself on not only optimizing the fighter's business opportunities within the cage, but also out of it. Dan still carries the same brotherly approach today with each and every one of his athletes. When you are a part of Alliance Sports Reps, you are part of a family.

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